Lead I - DevOps Engineering

Lead I – DevOps Engineering

Job title: Lead I – DevOps Engineering

Company: UST Global

Job description: JOB DESCRIPTION Role Proficiency:Act under guidance of Lead II/Architect understands customer requirements and translate them into design of new DevOps (CI/CD) components. Capable of managing at least 1 Agile Team Outcomes: Interprets the DevOps Tool/feature/component design to develop/support the same in accordance with specifications Adapts existing DevOps solutions and creates own DevOps solutions for new contexts Codes debugs tests documents and communicates DevOps development stages/status of DevOps develop/support issues Select appropriate technical options for development such as reusing improving or reconfiguration of existing components Optimises efficiency cost and quality of DevOps process tools and technology development Validates results with user representatives integrates and commissions the overall solution Helps Engineers troubleshoot issues that are novel/complex and are not covered by SOPs Design install configure troubleshoot CI/CD pipelines and software Able to automate infrastructure provisioning on cloud/in-premises with the guidance of architects Provides guidance to DevOps Engineers so that they can support existing components Work with diverse teams with Agile methodologies Facilitate saving measures through automation Mentors A1 and A2 resources Involved in the Code Review of the team Measures of Outcomes: Quality of deliverables Error rate/completion rate at various stages of SDLC/PDLC # of components/reused # of domain/technology certification/ product certification obtained SLA for onboarding and supporting users and tickets Outputs Expected:Automated components : Deliver components that automat parts to install components/configure of software/tools in on premises and on cloud Deliver components that automate parts of the build/deploy for applications Configured components: Configure a CI/CD pipeline that can be used by application development/support teams Scripts: Develop/Support scripts (like Powershell/Shell/Python scripts) that automate installation/configuration/build/deployment tasks Onboard users: Onboard and extend existing tools to new app dev/support teams Mentoring: Mentor and provide guidance to peers Stakeholder Management: Guide the team in preparing status updates keeping management updated about the status Training/SOPs : Create Training plans/SOPs to help DevOps Engineers with DevOps activities and in onboarding users Measure Process Efficiency/Effectiveness: Measure and pay attention to efficiency/effectiveness of current process and make changes to make them more efficiently and effectively Stakeholder Management: Share the status report with higher stakeholder Skill Examples: Experience in the design installation configuration and troubleshooting of CI/CD pipelines and software using Jenkins/Bamboo/Ansible/Puppet /Chef/PowerShell /Docker/Kubernetes Experience in Integrating with code quality/test analysis tools like Sonarqube/Cobertura/Clover Experience in Integrating build/deploy pipelines with test automation tools like Selenium/Junit/NUnit Experience in Scripting skills (Python/Linux/Shell/Perl/Groovy/PowerShell) Experience in Infrastructure automation skill (ansible/puppet/Chef/Powershell) Experience in repository Management/Migration Automation – GIT/BitBucket/GitHub/Clearcase Experience in build automation scripts – Maven/Ant Experience in Artefact repository management – Nexus/Artifactory Experience in Dashboard Management & Automation- ELK/Splunk Experience in configuration of cloud infrastructure (AWS/Azure/Google) Experience in Migration of applications from on-premises to cloud infrastructures Experience in Working on Azure DevOps/ARM (Azure Resource Manager)/DSC (Desired State Configuration)/Strong debugging skill in C#/C Sharp and Dotnet Setting and Managing Jira projects and Git/Bitbucket repositories Skilled in containerization tools like Docker/Kubernetes Knowledge Examples: Knowledge of Installation/Config/Build/Deploy processes and tools Knowledge of IAAS – Cloud providers (AWS/Azure/Google etc.) and their tool sets Knowledge of the application development lifecycle Knowledge of Quality Assurance processes Knowledge of Quality Automation processes and tools Knowledge of multiple tool stacks not just one Knowledge of Build Branching/Merging Knowledge about containerization Knowledge on security policies and tools Knowledge of Agile methodologies Additional Comments: . Strong working knowledge with CI/CD concepts and tools. Experience in Bamboo/Jenkins Pipeline/Cloud bees preferred. . Strong working Experience on Terraform Tool to provision the Infrastructure on AWS Environment. . Working Knowledge on AWS Cloud Platform and deploying them. . Strong troubleshooting skills. . Working knowledge of containerization and familiarity with Kubernetes concepts. . An ability to creatively apply technology to solve a variety of problems around software and cloud infrastructure delivery. . Working knowledge on Containerized Platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes and EKS . Working experience on EKS service which includes writing deployment yaml files, config map, DB config maps, service yaml, ingress yaml files. . Working experience on Ingress load balancer, application load balancer and alb ingress controller. . Working experience in integrating CICD with SonarQube , Checkmarks & Prisma Tools . Supporting production release activities. . Experience supporting Java and/or .NET-based applications from development through operation. . Troubleshooting the build and deployment issues. . Experience using a configuration framework such as Ansible, Chef, or Puppet to manage Windows and/or Linux-based workloads. . Experience on Elastic beanstalk, SNS, SQS, S3, Lambda, Glue, Redshift, MSK (Kafka), Docker , EC2 instance , load balancer and elastic search, Kibana . . Working experience on security group, VPC and Transit gateway. . SSL/TLS certificate creation and provisioning. . Interact with Dev team for gathering the requirement . Working with Dev team and adding or modifying the application architecture design based on requirement. . Should knowledge on Linux, PowerShell, gitbash and shell script. . Strong written and verbal communication skills’

Expected salary:

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana – Secunderabad, Telangana

Job date: Sat, 27 May 2023 07:56:54 GMT

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