Environmental Engineering Water Supply Engineering – Vol.1 + Environmental Engineering Sewage Waste Disposal and Air Pollution Engineering – Vol.2 (Set of 2 books)

Environmental Engineering Water Supply Engineering – Vol.1 + Environmental Engineering Sewage Waste Disposal and Air Pollution Engineering – Vol.2 (Set of 2 books)

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Environmental Engineering Water Supply Engineering – Vol.1Introduction water demands sources of water, hydrological concepts and study of surface sources development of ground water intakes for collecting surface water conduits for transporting water pumps for lifting water quality control of municipal and industrial water supplies purification of water supplies distribution system water supply plumbing systems in building and houses water supplies of small communities in rural area planning and preparing water Supply projects water treatment in swimming pools laboratory experiments in water Supply engineering Chapter wise multiple-choice objective questions conventional questions of the Engineering Services Exams (water Supply engg. Portion) Objective questions of the Engineering Services Exams conventional questions of Civil Services Exams (water Supply portion) Objective questions of AMIE exams appendix tables bibliography index.Environmental Engineering Sewage Waste Disposal and Air Pollution Engineering – Vol.2Introduction to the subject estimating the design Sewage discharge estimating the peak drainage discharge hydraulic design of sewers and S.W. Drains and sections sewers, their construction, maintenance and required appurtenances pumps for lifting Sewage quality and characteristics of Sewage disposing of the Sewage effluents treatment of Sewage process design of a complete Sewage treatment plant treatment of industrial Wastewaters excreta disposal in unsewered and rural areas Sewage collection from houses and buildings disposal of municipal industrial solid wastes disposal of environmentally hazardous biomedical, radioactive and e-waste ventilation of buildings for controlling indoor air pollution The environment, its pollution and present status engineering of air pollution, its control and monitoring global environmental issues noise pollution environmental impacts of thermal power plants, mining and Water resources projects preparing environmental impact assessments of polluting industrial projects Chapter wise Objective multiple-choice questions Test Paper on objective questions Objective questions of the AMIE (section B) exams Objective questions of the Combined engineering Services competitive exams conventional questions of the Civil Services (IAS) exams for the past years conventional questions of engineering Services Exams for the past years appendix tables bibliography index.


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