amiciVision Metal LED Flashlight, XML T6 CREE LED Water Resistant Zoomable Torch with 5 Lighting Modes for Camping, Hiking (with 3*AAA Battery)

amiciVision Metal LED Flashlight, XML T6 CREE LED Water Resistant Zoomable Torch with 5 Lighting Modes for Camping, Hiking (with 3*AAA Battery)

Price: ₹990 - ₹769.00
(as of May 31,2023 05:47:58 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Powerful LED Flashlight

amiciVision flashlight is a handy and powerful tool that increases your visibility in low light and no light conditions. The sophisticated focusing system allows you to use this torch as a flood light with a spread beam of light or as a spotlight with a narrow light beam.

Water resistant Strong and durable body Sophisticated Focusing System Multipurpose LED torch


This LED torch can withstand almost any weather as it has high resistance towards moisture and water. Thus, it can accompany you on various adventurous activities such as camping, hiking, trekking and fishing.

Different Lighting Modes

The torch has an ability to adjust to any atmosphere as it has five different modes. You can half-press the button to change the mode. There is SOS mode that emits pulsating light which can be used during emergency situations, along with high, mid, low and strobe modes.

Durable Body

The torch body is crafted from aviation grade aluminium. It is anti-abrasive and non-slip, thus does not slip away easily. It is ergonomically designed to give a firm grip and feel great in your hands. This makes it an ideal companion for any activity.

Power Supply

This torch offers versatility even in powering it up. It can operate on dual battery configurations. It can either be powered by 3*AAA batteries or a single rechargeable 18650 battery.

Zoom in Function

The intensity of the light output of this torch can be varied. It can function as a flood light to illuminate a wide area or as a powerful spotlight that throws an intense beam of light to up to 600feet.

Adjustable Length

The length of this tactical flashlight can be adjusted depending on the need and situation. The normal length of the torch is 5.3 inches that can be extended up to 6.2 inches.

Heavy Duty: – Water resistant, anti-abrasive, skid proof, compact design makes it top pocket flashlight for all situations like outdoor activities, camping, hiking, fishing, home use and as a powerful emergency light.
5 Lighting Mode: – Full Brightness, Medium Brightness, Low Brightness, Strobe and SOS are five different modes supported by the torch along with adjustable focus for close or long range.
Specification: – Provided with 3* AAA battery, the flashlight can operate for 5 hours at low beam.
Warranty: – The products come with 1 year warranty (To claim a warranty contact us via call or whatsapp, number available below in ‘Product Information’ section.)

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